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The Many Fun-Filled Uses of a Mrs. Santa Claus Costume

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be Santa? I mean, c’mon…the guy’s adored by billions, and children the world over shriek with joy at the mere mention of his name. But while Santa may have the hearts of the world in the palm of his hand, everyone knows that behind every good man there must be a good woman. So isn’t it time that Mrs. Claus got some kudos, too? Therein lays the foundation for the many fun-filled uses of this costume.

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Mrs. Claus Dress & Cap Costume

Plus Size Mrs. Claus Dress & Cap Costume


Plus Size Mrs. Claus Costume





Here are just a few ideas to help you bring joy to both yourself and the people around you this holiday season.

The “mall Santa” is really the epitome of the image we hold in our heads of Santa Claus today. And while that may seem a rather tedious job, just imagine how you would feel at the end of the day after taking in all those semi-toothless grins filled with excitement and anticipation. Pretty good, would be my guess.
Mrs. Santa for the Children

The saddest thing to see – especially at Christmas time – is a child in need; in need of medical care, in need of a home, in need of hope. This is where Mrs. Santa Claus costumes can make a big difference in the life and outlook of a child in need. The simple gesture of appearing at a children’s hospital or shelter in your Mrs. Santa costume – with or without Santa Claus, himself – can bring immeasurable joy to these children. By getting in touch with a local charity, you might even be able to arrange gifts for the children you visit, making the experience even more memorable for you and for them.

After you’ve done your part in making the holiday season a little brighter for the children, your Mrs or Misses Claus costume can be a source of great fun at holiday parties and get-togethers. How much more fun would that dull old office party be if you showed up in a sassy Mrs. Santa Claus dress? It’s also a fun item to have just for passing out gifts on Christmas morning.